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Tax Audit Assistance and Representation

Tax Audit Representation takes IRS tax audit help to the next level, where we provide one of our highly trained Enrolled Agents to represent and communicate with the taxing authority on your behalf in an audit proceeding. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals who have demonstrated special competence in tax matters and can represent taxpayers before the IRS (qualified through the procedure outlined in Circular 230).

IRS Tax Audit Representation includes all services:

  • Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry and explain what it means
  • Researching issues involved
  • Assisting you in assembling documents and records for the tax audit
  • Reviewing the tax audit findings and explaining them to you
  • Explaining the appeal process and other options available to you in the event you disagree with the tax authority's findings
  • Communicating directly with the tax authority on your behalf
  • Answering questions for the taxing authority about the preparation of your tax return
  • Acting on and asserting arguments on your behalf
  • Challenging the tax authority's position, if necessary
  • Following up regarding any outstanding issues or further documentation that has been requested
  • Researching any issues that may come up during the IRS tax audit
  • Meeting again with the tax authority to resolve any further issues
  • Negotiating and settling claims with the tax authority
  • Assisting with the appeals process

Note: A Letter of Engagement is required for all Tax Audit Support. Tax Audit Support constitutes tax advice only. Consult your own attorney for legal advice. Additional fees and conditions apply. Power of Attorney required for Audit Representation Services.